Behind the Badge Charities has been busy awarding our 2022-2023 school year scholarships to 25 very deserving young college students!
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We also raffled our 2022 BBQ Pit on July 1 and the winner was: B.J. Hruzek

What's Next???
We will begin planning for our 2023 Boots & Badges Gala very soon.
If you want to volunteer or donate an item, please email: 


The mission of Behind The Badge Charities, Inc. is to provide support and assistance to all public safety professionals working in Fort Bend County. This includes, peace officers, fire fighters, local correctional officers, emergency medical technicians, probation officers, and 9-1-1 emergency communications professionals serving with local governmental or volunteer emergency services organizations within Fort Bend County.

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First Responder Assistance Fund provides need-based grants to individual Fort Bend County first responders who have suffered injury, serious illness, or other disaster that traditional insurance or other assistance has not or will not cover.


We also offer up to 30 higher education scholarships annually.

News & Events

Boots & Badges Gala

February 11, 2023

at Safari Texas Ranch