Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship recipients                     

Andrew Carrillo

Ashley Boeker

Caitlyn Horton

Chandler Polk

Danielle Castillo

Danielle Rubio

Emily Otto

Gabriella Becerra

Haleigh Davis

Hannah Rader

Jake Hopper

Jasmine Taylor

Jenna Bothell

Jenna Broxson

Josh Taylor


2020 Scholarships

To be eligible for scholarship consideration, applicant must be a graduating high school senior or current college student whose parent or legal guardian is a current or honorably retired peace officer, reserve peace officer, correctional officer, probation officer, emergency medical technician/paramedic, firefighter, or 9-1-1 dispatcher serving with a governmental or volunteer emergency response agency within Fort Bend County, Texas. Past scholarship recipients are also eligible to reapply for a scholarship for up to four years while meeting all other eligibility criteria.

The application period for 2020 ends on March 31, 2020.

College Application

High School Application


Justin Holub

Justin Bronsell

Katherine Ressler

Madelyn Semmler

Marissa Macha

Mason Nesvadba

Nicholas Polk

Noah Davis

Paige Schultz

Payton Robins

Rachel Reprogle

Samuel Rader

Savannah Gless

Shane Castillo

Yuxi  Lu

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